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Paynter William

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In Memory of William Arthur Paynter (Bill)

It is with deepest sadness that we announce the passing of our father, Bill. Bill was the loving husband of Monica (deceased) for 61 years, father of Patti (John Darlington), Karen and Bill (deceased). Grandfather to Brett (Robin Sones) and Victoria and step grandfather to Katelyn (Jason Tremblay), Blair and Connor (Maddie Benjamin). Bill began teaching in 1956 at St. Pat’s College and then became the first Physical Education Consultant for the Ottawa Separate School Board. He taught at St. Pat’s High School and Jr. High until his failing eyesight prevented him from continuing with the job he loved. Bill taught Phys. Ed. and coached, but his true love was his students. Bill has many former students who are still in his life today who will deeply miss the guidance, mentorship, and friendship that Bill has provided over the years. A visitation will be held at the Heritage Funeral Complex on Trim Road on Wednesday, September 15, 2021, from 2-4 pm. In lieu of flowers Bill has requested donations to the Shepherds of Good Hope Foundation. Online condolences may be shared at: www.heritagefh.ca  

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Bill Paynter was a true inspiration for me (former student). My sincere condolences to his family and friends. Truly a remarkable human being. Rest In Peace.

Bill was a mentor, colleague and I’m proud to have work with him. My deepest condolences to his family. I taught with Bill at St. Pat’s Jr. H.S . 1974-1980.

I met Mr. Paynter (still hard for me to call him Bill) in 1966, my Grade 9 year at St. Pat’s on Echo Drive. John Quinn was my P.E. Teacher that year, and for the next 4 years it was Mr. Paynter. I remember grey pants, a golf shirt and a green windbreaker. Sports at St. Pat’s kept me sane and Bill was part of all of that. The intramural sports league was the envy of the entire city, and I was proud to be a member of the Athletic Association. How many times was I at St. Pat’s, around 6:00 pm, to hear Bill yell: “Leo (Mike Daley), lock it up!” St. Pat’s sports was my safe space.

I am so happy that I had a chance to have lunch with Bill within the last couple of years but I wish I could have told him how important he was to me (and so many others). I think (hope) he knew, but for sure, I can tell his children that he was a special human being. RIP Bill and I can’t help but thinking you are holding hands with Monica, together forever.

Bill was the driving force behind the establishment of the St.Pat’s Alumni Association. Due largely to his efforts graduating 🎓 students receive generous bursaries every June. Many times we tried to award Bill the Doran Trophy but he refused…well Bill, we intend to get the last word!🙏

My condolences go out to Patti and Karen and family. Bill was a legend who positively impacted the lives of hundreds if not thousands of students over his career. I have many fond memories of Bill while I attended St Pat’s junior high school for grade 9 and 10 and into adulthood. Too many stories to mention in this post. I have a daughter who is visually impaired with a similar condition like Bill. I wish she had the opportunity to meet this great man. It is a blessing that Monica did not have to wait long for her husband up in heaven. I’m sure Bill and God will have much to discuss!!!!! I remember acting as Bills eyes ( longer to the right) as he defeated Pat lariviere with center court shots. He gave Pat 30 to 1 odds for push ups. BilI scored on his third attempt. Pat had to do push ups. I remember trying to beat Bill in paddle ball having to resort to looking one-way trying to trick him. It was next to impossible to beat Bill. He was always up for the challenge! The world has lost a great man!

” Squad formation …..go…… on the floor…..sit”

RIP Bill 🙏

Bill was an inspiration to many students and teachers.
I had the privilege of not only being one of his student at St. Pat’s.
I also taught with him on Ministry of Education Physical Education courses as well a working on a variety of committees in my role as Phys. Ed. consultant
May he rest in peace.
Jim McStravick.

Hanging out at the phys Ed office and finding acceptance and good humour helped me become a better person with so much more confidence. I later became a teacher too and really appreciated what Bill ( aka Mr. Paynter) gave to all of his students. I tried to emulate him in my career and was able to tell him that and how much he influenced many generations of students. He was so proud of me and as usual made me feel special. He was a very special person with a gift he shared with everyone. My condolences to his family and thank you for sharing him with all of us we’ve been truly blessed!
God bless
Peter Murray ( St. Pats 70-73 )

I will always remember how you kept us entertained as little kids with comedy albums and howling at our dogs. You watched over us as uncles do even showing up at our doorstep (inyourlimegreentracksuit @10:30pm) from across the city when mom and dad were on holiday because we hadn’t hung the rotary phone up properly.
As we grew older with families of our own you still kept in touch with phone calls and helped us cope with saying goodbye to our parents. Your calls will be missed and you will always be Uncle Bill who pulled quarters from his ears. Rest peacefully
Anne, Tony, Lina, Tara, and Tiff.

The oldest kid in the gym that everyone tried to beat and if you came close he would challenge you with the left hand! His office door was always opened to all for consultation, to have a chat or shoot some baskets. Being in Montreal since 1978, I would call him up every odd year or drop in once in a while in Orleans, he once told me that his home was never as nice as when he had visitors…He had a great memory for everything but this time it’s our turn to never forget him.
My condolences to the family and all who had the chance to meet him.

My condolences to Bill’s extended family and many friends.

He was a man among men
It was a privilege to be able to teach with him for almost 9 years of the many years he taught at St. Pat’s.
May his soul rest in peace. I will offer a Mass for that intention.

To the Paynter family;
Bill was a legend in the Ottawa Catholic School Board, always so thoughtful and considerate.
While I did not work with him directly I recall so many wonderful conversations over the years.
He and Monica were such a special couple.
May all the great memories help to ease your loss.
Mary Durst

Bill Paynter was as close as I had to a father during a couple of pretty difficult years in high school. Looking back as an adult now, I realize how extraordinary his kindness and patience – and ingenuity – were. I’m certain there was nothing special about me – that I was just one of many in a line of young students he went far out of his way to support.

May he rest In peace and may perpetual light shine upon him.

As a fellow teacher Bill was an excellent colleague to work with. When I first started teaching at SPC I asked Bill if I could form a school swim team. He enthusiastically encouraged me and directed me to some of the students whom he knew had a competitive swim background. His support never wavered over the years.

Mr Paynter was my grade nine phys ed teacher at St Pat’s. I was a grade niner attending a new school with few friends. ( 1970-71) He made my year by teaching me to be proficient at so many sports. From basketball to tennis, he was a master at giving you the fundamentals and making it fun.
From tying an imaginary string from your shot hand to your shot knee to learn how to do a lay up – to no wrist in tennis and all wrist in badminton – he knew how to teach sport. He also knew how to make things fair and focused. I would not have enjoyed sports in my life the way I have without him. I want people to know that I am healthy and that I have had a fun life playing so many sports in part because of him.
He was – simply the best.

Condolences to the Paynter family. He was my brothers’ gym teacher in the 1970s and then I got to know him better in later years when we served together on the Board of the St. Patrick’s HS Alumni Association for 5-6 years. Bill was an original and what a memory he had ! Truly incredible. He made a huge impact on the lives of so many students and colleagues in Ottawa. So great that he was honoured a few years ago by the renaming of the workout room & glad I was able to attend that ceremony. May he rest in eternal peace.

Bill was our Phys. Ed. teacher at Saint Pat’s on Echo Drive when I was in grade twelve in 1961. He was the first real Phys. Ed. teacher we had experienced since the school had traditionally hired Ottawa Roughrider football players with no teaching background to do the job. Bill got us out on the track, taught us skills in Saint Pat’s tiny gym and made us engage with the idea of physical fitness. It was Bill I thought about later in life, with unspoken thanks, when I ran marathons, hiked in the woods, played broom-ball and softball and skied. Through his efforts as a teacher he brought a lot of happiness to my life.

My condolences to Bill’s family. Bill was my husband Peter’s favourite teacher. He always gave him great guidance and was a source of great support throughout Peter’s adult life also. He always encouraged Peter in all his endeavours. Bill will be greatly missed but his imprint will always be there. My sympathy Lois Hoysted.

Dear friends,

To all those who knew Bill, you will agree that he was a unique individual. I met Bill in 1962 when I started teaching

high-school in the same school where he taught. He was starting to raise his family, I was living very close by, and we became the best of friends.

Throughout the entire time that I knew him as a teacher, I considered him to be the best of his profession and I have never changed my mind.

He has remained, by far, the best of my friends, all my life. His passing has greatly affected me as it must have so many of the people who knew him.

Best of regards to all that are mourning his passing.

Roger Landry

I had the tremendous good fortune to be taught Phys. Ed. every year of high school by Bill. His encouragement was instrumental in keeping me involved as much as I could in extra-curricular events whether it be in sports or drama. His modelling of what a high school teacher with a mission was certainly helped inspire me to become his kind of teacher which involved developing the whole person and creating community in the school in as many ways as possible. I also had the good fortune to connect with him this past May through a former student/ friend of mine and was able to thank him and Monica for their many sacrifices for students. His acerbic wit was just as sharp as ever and there was much reminiscing about those years of change. (1964-1969) at St.Pat’s / Notre Dame/Campanile. He will be forever remembered by many including me for his humor and compassion.

i just want to thank Bill for his patience with me, first as a student in grades 9 and 10 in 1954 and 1955; and later when i played for the College from 1959 to 1964; just a wonderful dedicated and resourceful guy.

I started high school at St. Pat’s on Echo drive in 1964 and had Mr. Paynter as a phys ed teacher down in the old gym. I remember standing in squads, white shorts and white t-shirt barking out, “All present, Sir and all properly dressed.” as the case may have been and hoping that I got it right as he held you in that steely stare of his. There were many lessons learned in gym classes, at the phys ed office, and on and off the court or field. I was in a wrestling tournament at Ottawa Tech in 67 and afterwards, Mr. Paynter offered to drive me over to my Aunt’s in Sandy Hill. There we were in the infamous black Volkswagen snow and sleet covering the windshield as we headed East on Laurier Avenue with Bill asking, “Frank is that light red or green?” I was never sure if he was pulling my leg or not but it was a memorable drive. Mr. Paynter was a role model for me during my High School Days and one of the influential persons in my decision to enter education. Thanks, Bill. Frank Kenny

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