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In Memory of Ronald Kevin McHugh

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Ronald Kevin McHugh.  A fighter, devoted Dad, husband, brother and friend.   After persevering many challenges and fighting with a positive attitude Ron passed peacefully in his sleep on Friday August 27 2021 after battling Cancer for 9 years.

He will be greatly missed by his loving wife Carla and daughter Sarah, sister, Debbie, brother, Sydney (Gail) niece Kelly, Father in-law Doug, Mother in-law Helena ,sister in-law Wendy and many friends including his best bud Mark. Predeceased by his parents Sandra and Ron and brother Chris.

Known as “Nice guy Ron” by most! Ron always made goals and his most precious goal was to see his daughter Sarah graduate, he fought to see her graduate both high school and University. He took so much pride in Sarah’s many accomplishments such as skating and was not above bribing her.  A gold medal always got her a meal at The Keg. 

Reaching a milestone of 31 years marriage comes with many ups and downs, happily more ups than downs. We enjoyed travelling around visiting family, whale watching, many road trip, attending car shows and watching NASCAR on weekends.

He loved muscle cars and if you argued with him it would always be Mopar or no car! He loved his 1970 Challenger!  He always knew where and when there was a Car Show that showcased the old muscle cars. He showed off his car and helped raise money for CHEO by participating in the Capital Cruise for Kids Car Show.

Ron loved his spreadsheets from budgets to blood pressure and everything in-between! If you needed to know the weather he would let you know from the latest radar report to the 14 day forecast.

Ron learned to fly and was a bush pilot in his early years and then tried his hand at photography. He became a mechanic and then ended his many careers in IT. He loved knowledge, and always won Trivia pursuit! No matter how he felt that day he would always make time and go out with his friends in the “Chicken Wing Club” they would talk politics and everyday life never holding back their opinions on anything!

A heart felt thank you to Dr Yonkers and the team of oncologists, the nurses and volunteers at the General Cancer centre and the Civic neurology nurses for their kindness and care. You make such a difference in the lives of those in your care and their families.

Due to Covid a private by invitation only celebration of his life will be held at Heritage Funeral Home in Orleans.  In lieu of flowers please consider a donation to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation www.ottawacancer.ca/donation. Online condolences may be offered at:  www.heritagefh.ca.

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Dear Carla & Sarah, please accept our deepest condolences from the bottom of our hearts. Ron was always an inspiration to all of us during those painful 9 years. Few years ago I had a privilege to spend a full week with Ron when I was in the hospital with my little episode. With what he was going through, my time in the hospital was nothing. We walked those halls a few times per day, we had a good laugh and shared some personal secrets. I walked with him outside to get some fresh air, traveled every floor and every wing of the hospital, and we rode every elevator they had. That must have been a funny sight of two guys in hospital gowns walking with my AV stand on wheels between his feet and me pushing that wheelchair. People were smiling because we definitely looked like a team that could work together in the moment and need.

I have this picture we took a few years back on his B-day in Mill St. Brew Pub. My son had a hockey tournament somewhere in Chelsea and I drove between games to shake his hand and give him a hug as I couldn’t miss it.

One thing I will never forget….. the day I learned about his condition, I called my mom back in Poland and asked her to put Ron on her “personal list” for her daily prayer. I didn’t care if Ron was practicing Christian or not, it wasn’t important. I only knew that people were flocking to my mom and she would pray for an individual’s well being asking God for help and strength in their struggles. He was very appreciative and thankful for that extra support in his battle. Since then, I saw his name on that list, every time I visited her every year. They never saw each other, they didn’t know each other, they didn’t even speak the same language and still, she would pray for him every single day and I would remind him someone is thinking about him every day 8k km away so don’t give up.
I don’t remember the exact year, but that initial call for him to get better must have been  made 8-9 years ago, way before I had my episode as I remember my mom telling me, she needs to pray twice as hard for me and still remembered to pray for my friend Ron.  Needless to say, someone up above must have listened to her as Ron was coming out from every hard moment he thought would be his last. Boxing match lasts 10 rounds only, his fight lasted 9 years. Think about it next time your back hurts or you get a headache.

My mama died this year in January without me being able to say goodbye or going to her funeral. Since that day I spoke with Ron a couple of times. We texted each other and I was afraid to tell him that my mom has died. I was afraid this would have some negative impact for him to fight the battle. I didn’t tell him that to the very end, even when we exchanged last texts on August 13th after his last surgery. I will never remove anything related to him I have, even those memories of him “cheating” during our SHL’s Xmas parties when he always was winning best prizes, including some Caribbean trips or something, I think one year he won 2 prizes in one evening 🙂 
From those old days in SHL Systemhouse, MCI, Worldcom, EDS, HP, through over 25 years we’ve been in contact every possible moment, even though we separated in 2005 when I moved to the Government. Ron was one of the smartest guys I knew. I don’t remember how many times I would reach to him for the advice or solution I was looking for. He never said “I’m busy” or “sorry, I don’t have time”. He would always come with something that would make me feel so little and sometimes so stupid making me want to go back to school 🙂 But he would not make any comments or say anything that suggested someone else was not as smart as he was. We all loved him and appreciated any help we could get. He was like a live encyclopedia to us at that time. Mind you there was no wide Internet then, at least there was no Google you could look for the answer. Ron McGoogle was our Oracle 🙂

I’m sure other people have similar and only great things to say about our FRIEND Ronnie McHugh. Share it with all my friends, keep the memories alive!

So again, Sarah and Carla, please accept our sympathy, be strong and remember he was a great man, friend and for sure an amazing husband and dad . We will remember him forever.
May he Rests in Peace, his suffering has ended, he is now in a better place and I’m sure we all meet him one day again.

Deepest regards, Marek Gryko & family

Ron Marek 2016

Dear Carla and Sarah

I can remember clearly the day I met Ron for the first time 21 years ago. After introducing himself he asked with a big grin if we wanted to stay for supper. Ron was by far one of the kindest people I have ever met , his smile and good natured personality made him a likable guy ! I do remember clearly the day he told me he bought you that piano Carla for Christmas, I was to keep it a secret from you but his pure excitement and anticipation was one of the most genuine loving thing I have ever seen in a person.
Ron’s love for Sarah was so strong , when he spoke of her his whole being just lit right up. He gave Sarah the greatest gift anyone could ever give another person, he believed in her in everything she did.
One of the last times I saw Ron he took me for a ride in his 1970 Challenger, how he loved that car! He reminded me of a young child on Christmas morning and even offered to let me drive a beautiful car , now that’s trust !!
I will miss you Ron and wanted to say thank you for being such a wonderful friend over the years and for all your encouragement and advice. I really saw you not only as my friend but as a big brother…Rest in peace dear Ron.
This is not Goodbye , it’s just for now.

Deepest Regards
Trish Hayes

FB IMG 1629918879033

Rest well Ron, you are a warrior and an inspiration. I am going to miss your positive attitude and great sense of humour. I am also going to miss our weekly coffees at Starbucks and Bridgehead and the regular get together with the Chicken Wing Club.

I remember going to the Quebec side to pick up the 1970 Challenger you bought. We talked about the Challenger plans every chance we had. Such a classic car.

You impacted a lot of people and all of us are better because of it.

You are a warrior. Until we meet again.


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