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In Memory of Elizabeth Hunter

It is with great sadness that the family announces the passing of Elizabeth Hunter, on January 15th, 2023 at the age of 74.

Daughter of the late Warren and Bessie Steel. Loving mother of Mark and Neil Hunter. She will be sadly missed by her partner Jim Halpenny, her grandchildren Adriano and Luana Hunter as well as her many close friends and family.

Elizabeth was very strong, caring and selfless.

Relatives and friends will be received at Heritage Funeral Complex, 1250 Trim Rd., Orléans on Friday, February 24th, 2023 from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Online condolences may be made at: www.heritagefh.ca

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Hi — I’m Charlie Smith, next door neighbour to Liz and Jim at Bob’s Lake. One late Sunday evening, (about 6-7 years ago I think), I took my dog up to their cottage, just to have a look around, as we hadn’t seen or heard from them in a few a few weeks. With dark coming on, as Murphy’s luck would have it, the lights of their vehicle appeared. My first instinct was to take flight, so as to not appear that we were “snooping”, (which we were a little) — however Rupert was down at the shore, making it difficult for us to pull off a ‘cross the fence’ get-away. So, I had little choice but to face the music. I stick-handled it pretty good, but both Liz and Jim (I hadn’t met Jim yet), had an initial startled look of concern on their face that suggested who are you, and what are you doing here (in near darkness at that) — Nina was none too pleased either!
Liz had another dog before Nina — much larger than our two pups. My two, were attempting to get their teeth around a half-deflated volleyball, to no avail. Liz’s dog, upon hearing the commotion appeared, and simply pranced into our yard, snapped up the ball in one mouthful and headed back home with the coveted prize, leaving our dogs in bewilderment as to just what exactly had occurred there.

To Jim and family
Our deepest condolences go out to you Jim and family. .Liz was a very strong woman to fight cancer for such a long time..Jim, you were there with her all along that tough road and you made it more bearable with love and dedication!
Thank you for giving her those extra years where she was able to enjoy the cottage , thé garden and so much more..
As her neighbor from the beginning on Cabris, Liz was a wonderful person to know !

Our deepest condolences to you Jim and family. We became good friends with Liz when she moved in next door in 2011. She was a genuine, wonderful, caring person. We will miss her. Jim you were there with her, giving her the strength and courage to fight and live her life fully these last few years.

Jim and Family,

Please accept our very sincere condolences on the passing of Elizabeth. We have many fond memories of sharing good times and laughter with you and Elizabeth during BCCA events at our local Club244.

Lina Vermette & Brian Kirk
363 Farincourt Crescent

Ray and I have had Liz as our neighbor for many years and shared many memories . She was a lovely kind lady and we will miss her presence sitting on our porch chatting with her and Jim . RIP my friend..

Ray and Doreen

Liz was my sister-in-law and the only one I have ever had. Our relationship goes back over fifty-six years. We have shared much laughter and a few tears. I will miss the birthday telephone calls which were always in the wrong month, but we loved anyway and never bothered to correct. My heart goes out to Jim who gave Liz unconditional love, joy and support. I only wish that they could have had many more years together.

Sincere condolences to Jim, Neil and Mark. So sad to lose a beautiful lady/friend/mother to such a devastating disease. She was quite a fighter though, and Jim, I believe you can be given credit for helping her get a few extra years of life during the battle. I have fond memories of our short time sharing an apartment in London back in the early 70’s, of visiting her in Vienna, and then later in Ottawa on several occasions. It was a privilege to know her. May she rest in peace and beam down with joy as all those who loved her gather at the end of February to celebrate Liz.

Aunty Liz was one of the strongest and kindest people I know. I will always remember her laugh and positive outlook for life. It was so wonderful to see her find the happiness and love she deserved with Jim. They should have been allowed so many more years together. We all send Jim our love and thank you for being such a huge support for her these past few years.
So many memories of visiting Vienna, being persuaded to try raw peppers, exploring the Glebe neighbourhood and homemade granola. Aunty Liz, you will always have a place in my heart.

Liz family

Liz and I taught together at Lisgar Collegiate for one year in the early seventies and remained friends for the rest of our lives despite her living abroad off and on throughout the years. Our eldest children, Neil and Tara, were babies together and we traded childcare to give one another a break from time to time. That forged the friendship, and then we had the good fortune to have her and the family close by when they lived in two different locations in the Glebe. Liz was a wonderful daughter to Bessie when she was widowed and support sister to her younger sister Bev during her illness. I think of Liz as having a good sense of fun – I remember her lighting candles on the Christmas tree, a tradition likely inspired from her time in Vienna. I sat on the edge of my seat, mind you – I believe there was water or other fire retardant on hand. She was also very hospitable and a good cook we had many lovely meals with the family. I never knew Liz without a dog, even in Vienna, and we have a picture of her gamboling with her dog though the field by the Lichtenstein palace when we visited Vienna. Fortunately, Jim was able to take over exercising Nina who gave so much pleasure during her illness. In the end, Liz showed admirable fortitude in face of her illness and did not focus on it during our visits.
We recognize the great blessing Jim has been in her life in the latter years, an inspiring example of selfless caregiving and dedication. Henry and I offer our deep regret at her passing from this world and condolences to Jim and the family.
Joy Heft

We are so sorry to hear of your loss. Our hearts goes out to you and your family at this time of grief. Please accept our deepest condolences.

Liz and I worked together at Glebe Centre in Ottawa for 14 years. Liz was a talented professional who assumed roles in our Outreach Program, as Staff Educator and Quality Management Coordinator. She was well-loved by staff who frequently confided in her-she was always a supportive, sympathetic ear.
Our younger sons ended up going to the University of Guelph at the same time and remain close friends.
After retiring from fulltime employment Liz did contract work, and was instrumental in helping son Mark set up computer programs for the administration of his chiropractic practice.
A number of years ago we decided to get together with our Mother’s when my Mom happenend to be visiting from out of town. We had a good laugh when our Mom’s discovered they both smoked and proceeded to become fast friends!
Liz and I remained close friends over the years. I was delighted when she met Jim Halpenny and they enjoyed some wonderful trips together in their RV.
Throughout the last 4 years of her battle with cancer, Liz remained positive and uncomplaining despite the challenges of her treatment and it’s side effects. I credit Jim’s love and constant support with giving her hope and a good quality of life..
Liz was a talented and special friend who I will miss very much. Her courage has been an inspiration.

To Jim and Liz’s family, My deepest condolences to you all.

It was an honor for me to have Liz as my oldest and dearest friend in Ottawa. I met her when she was pregnant with son, Mark, i.e., in ancient times before cell phones became mainstream..

Over the years since that first meeting, I had the privilege of sharing many cups of tea with Liz when we laughed, supported one another and sometimes, even cried together. She was was a caring and empathetic woman who also had such a great sense of humor. She was also courageous, willingly moving abroad with her family more than once in her adult life.

Her openness to a move to Islamabad, Pakistan in the mid-late 1990s, was indicative of her courage and sense of adventure. She fully embraced the vibrancy of that culture, learning what real curry smelled and tasted like while also wearing local female attire so as to volunteer with a women’s literacy group. Not only did she enjoy working with those women but in her humility, she was able to recognize that it was a two-way mutual learning experience.

I will always, always treasure the memories I have of of Liz in my heart. I will miss her dearly.

Farewell, dear friend.

I met Liz when I was hired by her son, Mark, 16 years ago. She was a wonderful teacher, mentor and friend. One of my funniest memories with Liz was when she invited me over for lunch on a workday. Her friendly dog, Nina was so excited to see me that she peed on the floor. Liz was a little embarrassed, so I didn’t let her know that some pee had splashed on my socks. We had a wonderful lunch accompanied by a bottle of wine. I didn’t let on that I was not a wine drinker, and unaware of the high alcohol content…but it was so good! We had a wonderful time, gossiping and laughing until I had to return to work for my afternoon shift. I was feeling a little light headed and then nervous as I thought maybe I smelt of alcohol and then horrified when I remembered my socks! In the end I survived the afternoon but I wasn’t too worried, knowing Liz had some influence over my boss. I’m pretty sure she kept my secret but we swore off workday lunches with WINE! Rest in peace Liz, the world was a better place with you in it.
My deepest condolences to Mark and the family. I am so very sorry for your loss.

I have such special memories of Liz, my sister Gillian’s great friend: her European adventures with Gillian which ended up with them coming to our home in Fife (Scotland) with escapades of jumping out of windows, etc. I hate to recall, Liz’s amazing egg nog when she came to spend a Scottish Christmas with us, my wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime holiday in Vienna with her when my first social function was The Toronto Symphony Orchestra! and many other memories of seeing her when I was back in Kanata visiting my Mum and family. More recent was her visit to Scotland with Jim, with whom she shared adventures, who gave her such happiness and who gave her such support the past few years when she defied the medical predictions of not very long to live. I saw you with Gillian on my last trip to Canada, before Covid, when you were still the Liz I knew, only admitting to being fed up feeling ‘sick’.
R.I.P. dear Liz.

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