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In Memory of Dr. Ananthakrishna Venkateswaran

Dr. Ananthakrishna Venkateswaran, aged 92 passed away peacefully on August 5, 2022. Originally from Kottayam, India, Dr. Venkateswaran completed his Ph.D in Physics at BITS Pilani (India), after which he married his wife, Indira. He came to Ottawa in 1967, and since then has touched the lives of so many people in the community. Though he leaves behind a legacy of brilliant work as a Research Scientist with the Government of Canada, his true passion was always in learning about all religions, as a devout Hindu. Additionally, he was a phenomenal cook, feeding anyone who didn’t know they were even hungry! He reveled in the accomplishments of his three children, their partners and his six beautiful grandchildren whom he held most dearly. Instead of flowers, please share donations in his name to the Ottawa Mission, as he always loved taking care of the people in his community. 


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When I pause to remember Dr. Venkateswaren, I am reminded of his kindness, toward all who cross his path. As devoted as he was to Hinduism, he was just as caring to those around him. Dr. V and the values instilled by him and his family growing up in Blackburn Hamlet, inspire me to try be as open, loving, helpful and caring as he was. You’re truly inspirational Dr. V and you’re surely missed, be in peace with God.

Om Nama Sivaaya
Sri Venkateswaran has been a pillar of Support in our Hindu Community in Ottawa since a very long time. He is a dedicated, sincere, and above all a very congenial person well accomplished. He has been a huge a role model in all our traditions, rituals, vedantic pursuit of life.
Our sincere Pranaams to SRi Venkateswaran and heart felt condolences to the entire family. Our Hindu Ottawa Community will truly miss a great soul in Sri Venkateswaran.

In Sri Bhagavan
Padmanabhan & Madhu, Ram Yatri and Anu

Dear Mami, Rashmi & Hari
Kamini & Amma joins me in extending our heartfelt condolences on the irrepairable loss, a vacuum that cannot be filled. Be brave at this most difficult period of time and cherish his loving memories to guide you all with all his blessings for ever. With love, Kumar

Dear Indra, Rashmi, Anand, and Meena.

Our heartfelt condolences, We all had a very good memory of the good olden days. May his soul rest in peace.
Krishnamurthi and Padma.

Our heartfelt condolences. May his soul Rest in Peace!!! May God give strength to bear his irreparable loss!!
We had the privilege to enjoy his kindness whenever we visited your place.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.

Our family extends our heart felt condolences to
Smt. Indira Venkateshwaran
Rashmi, Anand and Meena and to the rest of the family members.
We carry very special and fond memories.

Indira, Rashmi, Hari

Please accept our heartfelt condolences on the passing of Sri Venkateswaran.

Nirmala and Sridhar

Our condolences to Mami and all of Mama’s family. Will always remember the days we spent with him in a number of family gatherings and social events. His guidance and contributions to the Ottawa community will always be remembered. Our Namaskarams — Radhika, Sekar, Pradyum and Purvaja.

Om Shanti . Our heartfelt condolences to your family . We were good friends at FORINTEK and during our stay in Ottawa [ 51West Park Dr] 1979-82 . Dr Cherla Sastry and Ratna Cherla . Toronto .

My deepest heartfelt sympathies go out to Aunty Indira, Rashmi-didi, Anand-dada, Meena-didi and their families.

Growing up on the same street, there are so many wonderful memories with your family. I fondly remember Dr. V’s hilarious jokes that would make me laugh, Puja’s at the house, his cooking and sweets. I remember each time I visited, even if it was just for 2 minutes, I couldn’t leave without being fed the world’s best dosa, being given a fruit, or having his special treats put in my hand (the sesame ones were my favourite). His most famous words that echo in my mind are “I am so happy for you”. He genuinely wanted the best for others. He did so much and gave so much to all that he knew. He cared very deeply for people, and his kindness has touched many hearts and will always be remembered. I will always cherish the fond memories.

As a religious man who would pray many hours a day, he is reunited with God. I wish his soul peace, happiness, comfort, and all the good he has done for others is reciprocated as blessings to his spirit. Much love & many hugs to the Venkateswaran family. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Please accept our heartfelt condolences on the passing of Venkateswaran mama. Indira aunty and all of you are in our thoughts today. May you all find strength in the beautiful memories of the innumerable moments shared with him.
Rajan and Sabitha

Rashmi, no matter how old we are, it’s never easy to lose a parent. Our thoughts and prayers are with mami and all the family members as you grieve. Venkateswaran mama was a pillar of strength to our Ottawa community and guided many of us in in all our traditions, rituals, and pursuit of Vedic knowledge. We carry special memories of interactions with mama.

Dear Rashmi: We are very sorry to hear about the passing away of your father. Please convey our sincere condolences to your mother, Smt. Indira, who must be feeling the loss the most. We hope you take some comfort in remembering all the good times you had with your father.
We pray to the Lord to rest his soul in peace.
Kind regards,

Our dear Anand, Meena, Rashmi and Indira:
We cannot put in words how sad we are that Venkateswaran is no more with us. Our families were close and in the last 50 years we met innumerable times. Venkateswaran was one of the very few, who followed what he preached. I (Ramachandran) used to see him on a wheel chair and he would recognize me by holding my hands. I have a lot to say about this great man. Honestly we have not met such a personable personality in our lives. If there is a heaven, that’s where he will be.

Ramachandran and Vasundhara

Dearest Aunty, Uncle, Patti, Amaresh and Nikhila,
Thinking of you all and sending you our heartfelt condolences. I will always cherish the fond memories with Thatha.
Swara & Sujit

My thoughts & prayers to the Venkateswaran Family & Extended family. Have fond Memories of uncle especially with his jokes to make me smile no matter what and was there for us since child birth. Will miss you dearly uncle.

Years back, when I moved to Ottawa, my son Dinesh told me ” Dad! you should meet “Venkit” uncle. You will like him. Thus Dinesh introduced me to his “venkit” uncle who eventually became my “Uncle” too. One day while we were discussing “Sree Rudram “, uncle showed me a book titled “Maha Nyasam”. I had not known that “Sree Rudra Nyasam” is also called “Maha Nyasam”. Years latter, when his daughter Rashmi was giving away the collection of uncle’s Malayalam books, I happened to see this book too and Rashmi was kind enough to let me keep it. Thus Uncle’s memory will always be with me.
“Yah SathaRudreeyam adhiithe-Sah Agnipootho Bhavathi” (He who chants Sree Rudram becomes the purest), says Kaivalyopanishath. Uncle was an example of that. May uncle have eternal peace. Our namaskaram

Please accept our heartfelt condolences on the passing of Venkateswaran mama. May his soul Rest in Peace!!!

Janani ,Radhakrishnan and Sindhu

Dear Friends,
I am humbled at the words of kindness that are being showered by you, his friends, on my late father. These words are a testament to the number of people he has touched in his great life. While family, prayer and bhakti were core elements of his life, dad was a Karma Yogi. His acts of generosity – in housing people, feeding people, and bringing the community together through bhajan, delicious food, music or just friendly get togethers – cannot be overstated. And there was never any expectation of reciprocation – his acts were selfless and were done in the spirit of doing the right things and doing things right . It’s a duo that we aspire to continue to replicate. With sincere thanks to all of you, and on behalf of Mom, Rashmi, Meena and our families, sincerely, Anand.

Dear Rashmi and Hari,
We are very sorry and saddened about your father’s passing. Our deepest sympathies to the entire family for this immense loss. Prayers for strength, courage and peace. Please convey our condolences and respects to Mami. Aum Shanthi 🙏🙏
Jayasri, Ramesh, Prashanth and Priya

Dear Rashmi, Hari & Family,
We were not in town and sorry to hear this late news. Our sincere condolences to your family.
Jothiravi, Ranjinie, Mithun & Thulasi

Dear Aunty Indira, Rashmi, Anand and Meena

Our deepest condolences to you all – our most vivid memories of Uncle are actually from July 1974 on our first visit to Ottawa. We’ll never forget him running out of the house to greet us so warmly on our arrival in his dhoti. He will be sadly missed and our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

with love from the Iyers of Woking
Thangam, Anil, Rajani, Rishi, Alisha and Krishna

Please accept our sincere condolences Indra mami, Rashmi, Hari and family. Our thoughts are with you as you navigate this huge void in your lives. May his soul rest in peace knowing that his family is following the example he has set steeped in rich tradition and spirituality. Om Shanti!

As I told Indira Manni and Meena the other day, I used the Handwritten upakarma Guide by Anna 30 plus years ago today to perform the upakarma and was thinking of him and his helpful attitude not only towards me but towards all those who needed help in whatever form it was, he was willing to do. In a sense he truly believed in the upanishad saying ” Athithidevo Bhava” meaning he provided the necessary help to all in the way they needed it.That was Anna.
I wish and Pray to God Almighty that he bestows His Grace and takes him to be with him so he can continue to help in Heaven Too. May God Almighty provide Manni, Reshmi, Anand, Meena and family the necessary strength to bear his demise and find a way to travel the path he traversed to get peace and Shanthi. and call it ” Venkateshwaraayanam” like Ramayanam meaning the path Lord Rama traversed.
Hari Ohm

Dear Rashmi, Anand, Meena and Aunty Indira

My condolences. I do remember your Dad now the one time I met him when I was a child. As parents they raised three amazing kids who all inspire me and I am lucky to know.



Dear Rashmi & Family:

Tho we didn’t interact with your Dad much, we still have heard so many good things about him.
It’s with immense respect that Chan & I are seeking Mama’s blessings & praying for his soul to

Sending our best of prayers to your Dearest Mom with whom we have interacted quite a bit.
She always smiles & asks about both of us. She looks so modern & pretty in all the yesteryears’
photos. I fell in love with her all over again.

All of you rest well. Mama will guide all of you from up there & protect too.
We pray for the same blessings for us both too from him.

Love&Hugs to all of you. GOD BLESS. Kindest Regards, Meena&Chan

Dear Indira, I am saddened to hear about Dr. Venkateswaran’s passing. My deepest condolences to you, Rashmi, Anand and Meena. In the early 70s, as new immigrants, we were welcomed by you and your dear husband. You both gave an abundance of help, friendship and guidance. I will never forget your father-in-law’s Sadhabishegam done in a grand style in your house with the limited resources available in Ottawa at that time. Nothing was compromised as far as religious ceremony or the feast that was served to so many invited guests. Dr. Venkateswaran was a perfectionist and a stickler for sampradayam. He was genuine and fervent in his beliefs but always polite and respectful. May his soul Rest In Peace.

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