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Damion Smith

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In Memory of Damion Mathew Smith

Damion Mathew Smith died a sudden and tragic death on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. He was only 18 years old.

Damion was raised as an only child until the age of 9 by his loving mother, Christina Smith, at which he then began his life journey as a big brother. Christina married and had three additional children, Zackary, Dylan and Aria, each of which all looked up to Damion and adored him greatly. Damion had a lot of appreciation for many things in life, including music, sports, motorcycles and cars, art, auto mechanics, and business. From a very young age he found a passion and love for both soccer and football and was torn between the two.

Not long before his death Damion told his mom that he had something he wanted to show her and that she would be so proud of him and it would make her very happy. Sadly he was not able to share this wonderful news himself. Only two days following his passing, business mail arrived in his and his friend Ryan’s name. It was only through reading the many journals kept by Damion that revealed this was what he was excited to tell his family all about. A new journey he was about to embark on – starting a small business with his good friend Ryan that he now will not be able to be part of.

Damion was a sweet, sensitive, bright, funny, kind, generous, smart, meticulous, loving, and caring old soul. He made friends with people of all ages and experiences. He could lift anyone up when they were down, and had a way with words that always made those around him smile and laugh. Damion’s good attitude and likeable personality made him popular at school, work, and in the community.

Damion will be greatly missed by all his distant relatives, his many friends, his co-workers, his teachers, his acquaintances and so many more but most especially by his immediate family and brotherhood friends Amin, Ryan and Gariche; who had his back in the darkest of times and never let him down showing what true friendship really is.

Damion will be deeply missed by his mom, Christina, his little brothers, Zack and Dylan, his little sister, Aria, his step sister, Madison, his grandparents, Rick and Lorraine, his uncle, Jason, his aunt, Diana, his closest cousins, Rowan, Archer, Oliver, his dad, Q, and his grandparents, Harvey and Anne.

Due to attendance restrictions, there will be a private visitation and ceremony for family and close friends, however, a youtube link will be available to all those who cannot attend but would like to join virtually.

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