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Memory of “Coddy-Militho Casseus

Oh Coddy, I never got to say a goodbye, I doubt you would even remember me! So let me refresh: I first met you way back when we went to terre des jeunes. You always teased me and made fun of me and I did the same to you. But deep down I always knew we where good friends. One day we decided that if we could be nice to eachother for a whole two weeks that I owed you a coffee. Unfortunately I never got to give you that coffee even though you earned it fair and square. I wish I could have. I know it sounds silly to still remember this all so many years afterwards, but I always knew you where a nice boy. I wish we stayed in touch and I wish I could have given the proper goodbye. You truly are one of a kind. You didn’t deserve to be taken from us this soon, you had a long fulfilling life ahead of you and it sucks it got taken from you. But you are in a better place now and I hope you are in peace.

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