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Bhavani Ramachandran

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In Memory of Bhavani Ramachandran

Om Shanti! Devi Thunai!

Mrs. Bhavani Ramachandran passed away on Oct 11, 2022. Originally from Chennai, India, Bhavani completed her BA and MA in Economics from University of Madras, after which she briefly worked at TTK before marrying Ram Parameswaran in 1998. Bhavani and Ram made a very loving couple and raised two wonderful children, son Pushker and daughter Padmaja, to be exemplary humans. Bhavani worked enthusiastically, tirelessly and selflessly to build a beautiful family with them. Bhavani lived every minute of her life tag-teaming with Ram and thinking of how to make her kids’ and family happy. Bhavani was so proud of Pushker settling into a new job and buying a car, and Padmaja getting into a reputed high school. Padmaja’s dance teacher captured Bhavani’s dedication in a nutshell speaking to the 4 hour bus ride that she would take cheerfully, to bring Padmaja to class every week. 

Bhavani was outstanding and positive in all the relationships she had in life and had
an upbeat energy in her conversations. She leaves behind unforgettable sweet memories with everyone she touched. Right from childhood, she had the wonderful quality of walking up to anyone around her, introducing herself, making friends and spreading cheer. Her warmth could be felt immediately by the people around her. In all the condolence messages from people, the words that are repeated over and over are “cheerful”, “caring”, “loving”, “sweet smile”, “brave and bold”, “takes life as it comes” etc.
 Bhavani lived a life where she made the most of what she was given. It is very unfortunate that such a beautiful soul had to depart so early, but we believe she is headed to a better place. The family misses her deeply and will cherish all the good memories
she has left behind.

There will be a private funeral on Friday, October 14, 2022 at 10:00 am.  A live-stream link will be provided, and we hope all those who loved Bhavani will support the family by attending the ceremony virtually.  In lieu of flowers, we ask you to contribute generously to the Ottawa Heart Institute.

We ask that you allow the family time to grieve before reaching out to them and thank you for the tremendous support and love you have all shown.

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I am in complete shock to hear of the passing of Bhavani Aunty !! She was one of the most amazing people I have ever met and it is truly heartbreaking to know I will never get to meet her again.

Sending my thoughts and prayers with My deepest condolences to Ram uncle , Pushker and Padmaja.

Bhavani Aunty you will truly missed but never forgotten ❤️

Dear Ram Uncle, Pushker and Padmaja,

I am at a loss for words. Aunty was a gem of a person, and she leaves behind a void in all our lives.

I will always cherish our memories together – long chats before class, the food she so lovingly prepared, her warmth and kindness – and so much more. Please accept my deepest and sincere condolences.

I am sending you all my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong ❤️

Chan & I have seen & spoken to Dear Bhavani only a few times but always found her to be very pleasant. Chan has seen her at her workplace too & she always had a very big smile & helped him with anything, Chan has told me so many times.

Bhavani invited us to her home & Golu so many times but unfortunately, we never made it. Wish, we had.
Very Shocking tho to hear this. RIP with the ALMIGHTY, Bhavani Maa. May your beautiful soul merge with
GOD & obtain MUKTHI.

Very heartfelt condolences to all of you, Dear Ram, Kids, Rashmi, Hari, Maamis & All of you.
May GOD give courage & strength to bear this hugs a loss. So Young. How could this be?. We both are wondering.

Love&Hugs. Meena&Chan

our heartfelt condolences to you and your family. May her soul rest in peace. our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

I can still remember the small little girl fully decked with all jewelry and pattu pavadai dancing around during my marriage. As she grew up I could feel the love care and warmth blossoming slowly and steadily. How can I forget the moments I decked her during her betrothal. Finally the last time I spoke to her during my visit to USA I had promised to visit her after taking the Canadian visa. But God has other plans. With a very heavy heart we are bidding her goodbye. Her favorite daddy is waiting to welcome her I know for sure.

Sorry to hear the sad demise of Bhavani. I am just recollecting those old memories with Bhavani in Chennai during my stay in 1996-97. She is just a loving person.
She is very lovely, affectionate, caring and very passionate person. I last met her in arthi’s wedding at kanchi and shared our old memories. Still her TRADE mark smile was never missing.
I am really missing her a lot as another brother. You are the right man to console athai. Pls. Convey our heartfelt condolences to Chander athimber pushkar and my sweet love padmaja and to your family too.
Really missing one of my finest, loving, caring and always SMILING sister from our family. May her soul RIP

Indeed it is a great loss for the community and especially for us. Bhavani was always with a smile and very friendly and respectful; qualities she also inculcated in her children, both of them reflecting her qualities to the teeth. Words cannot express the sorrow that I and Sarala are feeling for her departure at such an early age. As they say, only the hood die young; but a loss for the rest of us. Deepest condolences to Ram, Pushjar and Padmaja and the rest of the family. We share in your sorrow and pray for the soul of Bhavani. May her soul find eternal peace in Vaikuntham.

Dear Ram, Children and the family,

It is very shocking to hear the sudden departure of Bhavani.
Please accept our heartfelt condolences.

Jeyapal family

our heartfelt condolences to you and your family. May her soul rest in peace. our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family 🙏😔

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This calamity is totally unexpected Ramachandran & Family.
She now lives in all our memories.
May her soul rest in peace..
We can only provide moral support to you.
Hereafter the Navaratris will look empty without Bhavani greeting us!
What is going to happen to the Ayyappa’s 18th step hereafter?????
She has merged with Him.. SharaNam Ayyappa…..
We join with you on the 14th spiritually. Our tears are not dry yet….

Ram, Padmaja and Pushker,

We are so very sorry for your loss. Bhavani was an extremely dedicated mother and volunteered countless times, regardless of the season or the excursions at Padmaja’s and Pushker’s Elementary school. We were always grateful for her help and devotion. Our thoughts are with the family, Ram, Pushker and Padmaja.

Lynne Pichette

Bhavani is a loveable affectionate & cheerful cousin (my dad & her dad were blood brothers)
As family we’ll miss her physical presence.
Needless to say we’ll never forget her cheer & smile.
I’m sure she’s moved on to a divine a ode that sound like her richly deserve.
Que Sera Sera

Bhavani is a loveable affectionate & cheerful cousin (my dad & her dad were blood brothers)
As family we’ll miss her physical presence.
Needless to say we’ll never forget her cheer & smile.
I’m sure she’s moved on to a divine abode that souls like her richly deserve.
Que Sera Sera

We are totally shocked to hear the sudden demise of Bhavani who came to our house just three months back during her visit to Chennai.
We cannot believe this bad incident. She was like our Third daughter moving with us affectionately. We Pray the ALIMIGHTY to rest her Soul in PEACE for ever. We Convey our heartfelt condolences to Chander and all his family members

I met Bhavani only briefly, yet she left me thinking how cheerful and friendly she was. I last met her along with Ram several years ago in Doha. They were planning to migrate to Canada.
It is hard to get to grips with the loss of someone so youthful and happy. Vanitha joins me in grieving with all of you.

One of my earliest memories of Bhavani akka is that of a pretty, young girl in salwar kameez who came to my house after she joined college. We are cousins and we were residing just a few streets away from each other. I remember thinking how sweet a smile and gentle a demeanor she has and I felt an emotional match. Ditto every time we would meet. After her marriage, there haven’t been many times we could meet but every time we did, she was just the same. Nothing had changed her. She was the same kind soul with the same warm smile. She was always ready to put herself in the other’s place in a world ready to put people in their place. I consider myself fortunate that she got to attend my wedding and give her blessings and also meet my child. When a warm soul leaves, it’s hard not to have regrets. My heartfelt condolences to the whole family. Akka, RIP. Humanity is one good person less now.

I am still reeling from this shock.
She was my friend and my manni who I know would be there to support me at any situation or conversation. I was in my 7th grade when I first met her. She was getting engaged to my sweet mama. I have been hanging out with her ever since. She was such a warm, sweet and wonderful human being. How can I forget my Scotty days with her ? She was there for every event and every milestone. The day I got married, she cried the most. I can talk everything under the sun and she listens to me with such an awe. Her kids are one of the greatest treasures and my kids are hers. Almost every single day she calls to see Yuva and Laya. They were her world.
I can’t imagine how my days are going to be without showing my kids milestones. It’s never going to be the same. Her “chiiiiiii chooo” still keeps ringing in my ears. That was her go to cuddle.
My mama is one of the sweetest human beings. They were made for each other. I have no words to console him. Why does it have to be her ? Why now ? 😭.
Manni, I promise to be there for your kids. I want to be there for them like how you were. I promise I talk/text them everyday. I promise to support mama in every way possible.
Manni, I miss you dearly. Life is never going to be the same. Rest in peace manni. 😭.

Om Shanthi Bhavani
Very nice lady i am relay lost my sister when me & my wife there she look after very well

Dear Ram,
we are so sorry to hear this heartbreaking news of Bhavani’s passing. Our deepest condolences. May God help comfort the family and keep you all strong through this difficult time.

Debi, Byju and family (Stittsville)

Dear Ram, Pushkar and Padmaja
We are extremely sorry to hear the sad news of our dear Bhavani. We will pray God to give you strength to bear this huge loss. Love and hugs to children.
Meena and Vaidyanathan

Dear Ram, Pushkar and Padmaja,

We are truly sorry to learn of the untimely passing of Bhavani, your dearly loved wife and mother. we always cherish in our memory her infectious smile , affection, cheerful disposition, and warm hospitality on many occasions when we visited your home. We pray that her Atman attains moksha.

Thylambal & Subramanian

We are so saddened by the loss of Bhavani. Our experience with Bhavani is just as everyone has described. She was always generous and warm. During our last visit to Ottawa for the sad occasion of Dad’s passing in August, Bhavani tirelessly cooked and fed all of us for days. We will always remember her generosity and spirit. This is a devastating time for Chander, Pushkhar, and Padmaja and we pray for their strength to overcome the pain and sadness of this moment. Please accept our deepest condolences. God Bless you all.

Anand, Anita, Keshav, and Arya

We are profoundly saddened and shocked by this horrific news. Bhavani was a dedicated mother who cared with her entire being for her children. I saw that in my interactions with her. Her pure heart shone through her smile and her every spoken word. Please let us know how we can support your family during this time. Pushkar and Padmaja – my door is open to you both always. Our sincerest condolences. Thinking of you all with love.

To Bhavani, dearest to all whom she touched:

How soft you walked on this earth
Yet, how strong you touched so many
how loving and strong the children you raised
how generous you were to everyone
how brave in everything you faced
how authentic in everything you did
That eternal smile will be eternal!

As you leave us for a better place,
you left behind a world that is better thanks to you.

Om Shanthi!

All my love for you dearest Bhavani, with whom I’ve laughed, loved and felt like a sister than anywhere ever. Words fail me. May your love and spirit shine ever bright. Eternal light.

Our deepest condolences on this irreparable loss dear Ram, Pushkar, Padmaja, Hari, Rashmi, Amaresh and Nikhila and your entire family. The sweetest, gentlest, kindest soul with a pure heart – that was Bhavani. And everything everyone else said at the service. May she live on through you. May her soul rest in peace.

Dear Ram, We are totally shocked and devastated by this news. Unbelievable at such a young age to such a wonderful person, both inside out. May God give all of you specially Pushkar and Padmaja the strength to pass through these difficult times.

Our deepest condolences to Ram , Pushkar and Padmaja.
We visited your home during kolu and we were touched by the hospitality extended to us by ever smiling person Bhavani and her family. Praying God to give strength to your family during this difficult time.

Ramesh and Vijaya

My heartfelt condolences to Ram,Pushkar and Padmaja.I am deeply saddened.I call her aunty and she will tell aeeiiii.. call me akka haha.. I am happy she came to my place to meet us. she was my well wisher. She came to see everyone for the last time. RIP🌹

I have carried Bhavani as an infant,took her hand to help wobbly steps .seen her grow and glow to girl,teen young lady ,wife n mother.A life well lived n well lived ,she was a dear who brightened everyone she touched.We have no knowdge or control of anyone’s longevity but she showed us how to be happy always.Her journey to the next realm be smooth n peaceful.om shanti

Our deepest heartfelt condolences. May God bless Bhavani to rest in peace. Our prayers to God to strengthen you all and comfort you.

Mrs. Catherine Shantharaj and family

Please accept our deepest condolences. We pray to God to strengthen you all and comfort you specially during this difficult time.

Dear Ram, Hari & Rashmi
This is Bala & Anjana. please accept our sincere condolences on the passing away of Sow. Bhavani. A great, very caring and affectionate person. She has always made sure that she came and spoke to me and enquired about everyone in the family. God really wanted a good soul not to go through any pain & suffering. May her soul rest in peace. we know that all of us are going to miss her but she is in a safer place where there is happiness for herself. she will bless you all from wherever she is! children will do well and bring pride to both of you. Take care – Bala & Anjana

I’m still shocked by the news. I met her only twice. That was sure enough to made us a family. She was a kind soul and still remember her time with my son and my mom. Couldn’t believe that she has left us.I prayed everyday for her to get well soon when I got to know she was hospitalized. Mr. Ram, son and daughter, I’m sure Bhavani will always with you and will send her blessings. Stay strong.

Our deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences to the entire family for the sad demise of dear Bhavani. Our prayers to Almighty to give you strength and courage to handle this great loss. She will always be in our hearts. Aum Shanthi. Jayasri and Ramesh.

Dear Ram, Pusker and Padmaja – I am so very sorry for your tremendous loss. Bhavani was such a positive, gentle and kind woman – I feel fortunate to have known her as a parent and volunteer at OWES. May you be comforted by the many sweet memories you have of your dear wife & mother. With kindest regards, Charmaine Langille

We are so deeply sorry for the profound loss of your most cherished Bhavani. We have often been the recipients of her amazing smile, warm hello’s and kind words. Ram, Pushker, Padmaja, and to your extended family as well, please know that you are all in our thoughts and that we are so thankful to have had the opportunity to cross paths with Bhavani.

Dear Ram, Pusker and Padmaja – we are deeply saddened and so very sorry for your tremendous loss. Bhavani was such a happy, gentle and very soft spoken person – she will always be in our hearts. I know there are no words that can ease your pain. Pray Bhagavan to give you all the strength and courage to take you through this most difficult times.
Take care,
Madhu and Padmanabhan

Dear Ram, Pushker and Padmaja, and Hari and Rashmi,
We are deeply sorry about Bhavani’s passing. We are still in shock and saddened to know that we will not meet her again. But she will live in our memory forever. We offer our heartfelt condolences to you. The moving words spoken by so many at the Funeral is a testament about the wonderful person Bhavani had been to so many people including us. It was evident that She deeply cared so much for her family, was always cheerful and helped so many others as well.

May each one of you find solace and strength from the memory of Bhavani and let it enrich your lives while you lean on each other as family.
May God bless your family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May She rest in Peace.
Kumudini and Martin Nicholas

Bhavani’s passing has been a tremendous loss to our entire family. In even having to speak about her in the past, it has taken us time to write this message to Chander, Pushker and Padmaja.

Bhavani would reach out on my birthday each year, as I share the same birthday as her father, and we would chat about her father, and how much she loved his warm spirit. It is sad to think that we now have to talk about her in the past, in this way as well.

Her kindness, her sheer willingness to step in and help wherever and whenever possible speaks so much to the person she is. When my father passed in August – each day we were treated to home cooked food quietly left by Bhavani – and not just one or two dishes, but a variety. All so delicious, all so well prepared with so much love. We were grateful for her kindness, stepping in when no one expected anything, but with a smile, and always happy to help.

We will continue to honor her generosity and warmth, and smile at everyone who passes while thinking that is what she would have done if she were here.

We pray for continued strength to Chander, Pushker and Padmaja – but above and beyond all – we know they will not be alone. We will continue to share our wonderful memories of Bhavani, so that the children always know what a wonderful soul their mother is.

Our deepest condolences, love and support.
The Kothandaraman Family – Boston, MA

Dear Ram, Pushkar and Padmaja,
Please accept our sincere condolence. We hope and pray that her guiding light will be with you always. We pray for peace in your family and courage to pass through this difficult time and come out stronger for Bhavani. She was such a beautiful soul, inside and out and always smiling, always helpful and always friendly. I wish that over the years I had more time to stay in touch, and somehow after those days when we used to meet daily in Orleans Wood and Henry Larsen, we just moved off to connecting during festivals. Yet, every year, she would fondly call me for Navarathiri, as she did this year too. I was so sad I missed that last opportunity to meet her this year. Little did we expect LIFE to give such an unexpected turn.
Our prayers
Hari Om and Om Shanthi.

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