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Ebeling Arno

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In Memory of Arno Ebeling

It is with tremendous sadness that we announce the passing of Arno Ebeling on Wednesday, August 11th 2021 at the age of 82.  Arno passed away peacefully surrounded with his family by his side.  He will be lovingly remembered by his loving and devoted wife of 40 years, Della (née Rivet).  Loving father to Anne Bauer (née Ebeling), Stephanie Mutschler (née Ebeling) and Carole Rivet (Claude Guénette).  Cherished Opa to Ryan, Kara (Tin-Lont Chan), Kyle, Victoria, Nicolas and Chelsey (Jaaji Okpik) and Great-Opa to Caitlyne, Logan and Millie.  He is also survived by his sister Karla (Gerhard Tegtmeyer), and nieces and nephews in Germany.  Predeceased by his father Richard Ebeling and his mother Else Ebeling (née Ludke), his sister Dagmar and his brothers Horst and Fred.  Born in Berlin, Germany, Arno immigrated to Canada in 1960 with a dream of building a better life.  Throughout the years, Arno owned many automotive repair garages in Ottawa.  An extremely hardworking and generous man, Arno found time to enjoy special moments with his family and friends.  Many hours were spent entertaining on the family farm in Navan, ON and when Arno and Della moved to Florida, everyone was always welcomed with open arms.  Friends and family are invited to a  Celebration of Life on Sunday, September 12th at 10am at the Heritage Funeral Home, 1250 Trim Road, Orleans ON K4A 3P7.  In lieu of flowers, donations in Arno’s memory may be made to The Ottawa Mission.  https://ottawamission.com/donate/

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Where to begin…..
Arno Ebeling, my first boss at age 15 along with many of my High school chums.
Years later, my dear Father in law, and many years after that, my business partner, but always my friend and mentor in the automotive world. How many can say they’ve known their Father in law longer than their spouse! Safe to say, I would not be the man I am today without your influence. You helped teach me the value of a hard days work, and how to live life to the max, often to our own detriment, but what a ride it was! We would often butt heads, but there was always a mutual respect between us and a common bond.
Dad, Boss, Partner, Friend, you will be missed. I Love you, you stubborn mechanic! Rest easy, the shop is closed.
– Paul Bauer

Like Paul has mentioned above…I started working for him at a young age. So many fond memories….I will remember his stern warnings…lol…and his infectious smile…..so many good laughs over the years….I missed you

The One, wo lives in the memory of his loved ones is not death , he is just far; only he is dead is forgotten

One of my oldest memory of my uncle Arno is, when I was a child:
He spent a new year eve in Germany. We lived in a flat in the third floor. The adults were standing at the balcony and sent some pyrotechnic in to the sky. Suddenly one of us kids saw, that there are red footprints on the floor. We wonder, how comes and everybody checked his feet. Guess who walked into broken glass and do not notice? It was Arno, he was wearing white socks (don’t, know, why he did not wear shoes outside) and this socks was red because the blood! The adults must have been so much drunken, or was they frozen? that nobody notice the broken glass, or the bloody feet until we children found out.
Arno spend one of his birthdays in Germany, because he visited us for our wedding. We had a Party two days before at the 15th of may, and at midnight all of us- around 100 people started to sing: „Happy Birthday“ for Arno. He really was surprised. It was the 16th of may in 1991
On my wedding day, Arno was chosen to sit with us in our wedding car, to drive to the church.
When i was in Canada, for the wedding of Anne and Paul, I was homesick. So Arno brought me one time to a german food store, so i could buy some bread and yoghurt, nearly tasting like home:)
And Arno was lying to me….he told me, he had to do something in the afternoon, so he wound be home. But what he really did, was to pick up my mum from the airport as a surprise, for the wedding, and for me, too.
When Arno was in Germany it was always nice, to have him here. He was my „cool uncle from Canada“ I was so proud. How many young girls can say: I have an uncle in Canada?
He was talking in German to us ( I wonder, how he could speak German so good, after such a long time in Canada) but his „sound“ was Canadiens slang. Sometimes he did not know the german word, but then he found it out. His german talking in Canadiens style sounds really nice. Because he was always in a happy mood, always relaxed when he visited Germany, for us he was the „sunny boy“.
I am glad, that we made in possible, that Arno could stay in contact to his sisters Dagmar and Karla via Skype and FaceTime. Here comes a memory, my son remind me: We organized, that Arno can Skype with his sister Dagmar. She was so surprised, that it is possible, to see her brother via computer, they did not see each other for a long time. Dagmar said: you are looking really thin.
Arno was smiling in his typical way, stood up and turn around in front of the camera to show his sister his 360° view. i guess it must be around 2016?
My mum told me, that Arno visited her in Plön. There is a little Hotel, which was closed, but my parents were owner of one of the rooms, so it was possible, that Arno can sleep in this empty hotel in his own room. The days he spent with my parents in their apartment, but at night for sleeping he went to the hotel, beside the apartment house of my parents. Because my parents were scary, that the elevator do not work correct, Arno has to give them a sign , when he arrived his sleeping room. (this was the time, when smartphones wasn’t born).
So Arno went into the Hotel, found his sleeping room and had to go on the balcony and make light signs with a flashlight, while my father stood at the 13th floor at the balcony from his apartment house.
No it is time to say: Tschüss ! (german word).
We have a secret family meeting point in heaven. When Anne told me that Arno passed away, it was night in Germany. A few hours ago i was sitting at the balcony and was watching the stars. I saw our meeting point, right above me and was thinking about all of our family members up there and of course I knew, that Arno soon will get on his way to it. I am sure he found the way.
Arno wrote into my poetry album in 1974: (translated form german)

The sky the clouds,
The earth the grass.
We could and only wanted to live for fun.
But I would like to tell you,
There are sometimes troubles
Then one lives on and doesn’t think about it

Arno was my first boss at the age of 15 at beaconwood texaco and was a great mentor and friend and will be gratefully missed.

My Opa came to Canada in hopes of achieving the life he wanted and I feel like he exceeded his own expectations he had in mind. His determination and a great work ethic led him to countless opportunities in so many things. From the farm, to the garages, the motel in Florida, and others. However, above all else his family is what he was most proud of and something he held his closest to his heart.

One of my fondest memories of Opa is when we took a trip in the winter all the way down to Florida to visit him and Della. At night, we marathoned Texas Ranger together and in the mornings I would eat more sausages than I’d like to admit. We had a great time.

While his chapter here in this world may have closed, his story continues while he’s in his paradise and is watching over us all.

May we meet again.
Love you ❤️

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