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On April 6, 2024, Makhan Singh peacefully passed away in his home, surrounded by his loving family, including his wife, children, grandchildren and great-grandchild. Makhan Singh was a hard-working, self-sacrificing, revered father figure, a beloved friend, and an incredibly well-respected and truly celebrated long-time community member.

Makhan Singh was born November 28, 1941, in Muraadpur in District Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India. His original name, at birth, was Davinder Singh. His mother loved giving nicknames to her children and nieces and nephews. When his mother took him to get registered in school the first time, the principal asked her what his name was. She looked at him and said, my son is so milky white, even lighter than the colour of butter, so you should put down on paper that his name is Makhan (translated to butter). From a young age, he was a very intelligent student and a talented sports player, especially in football and volleyball. He was so intelligent that he was easily accepted into an engineering program in Himachal. His mother knew that he was a big part of the family, a leader to his younger siblings, and a friend to his father, and therefore asked him not to pursue engineering and instead stay home. His father, Sardar Nirmal Singh, suggested that his son pursue a teaching career. Makhan Singh completed his BA and Giani before being posted in his first government teacher job in a higher secondary school in Dasua and later in Tanda, Urmar.

Makhan Singh leaves behind his wife, Narinder Kaur and three children: younger son Jasjit Saini (Jassi) and his wife Daljeet Kaur, daughter Kuljit Kaur and her husband Parminder Singh, and older son Manjinder Saini and his wife Neena Saini. He is predeceased by his younger brother Joginder Singh. Makhan Singh also leaves behind his sisters, Surinder and Rajinder.

My so handsome Nana ji, with his dashing looks, big smile and beautiful blue eyes, married his jeevan sathi, Narinder Kaur in ….  When we asked my nana ji, peh biji sadey kida dey siga jawani vich, papa ji always said tohadi bibi bahot sohni sigi, teh hun vee sonhi ah.  Makhan Singh’s father, Sardar Nirmal Singh, passed away after completing military service in his country after partition. Makhan Singh was young and newly married. Makhan Singh therefore became the head of the household in his early twenties, having to care for his many siblings, their children and his children, all under one roof. As a successful, beloved father figure, he treated his siblings like they were his babies. He sacrificed every minute, every rupee and every dollar to create a good life for dozens of immediate family members.

Makhan Singh and his family lived in Dargaheri, Tanda Urmar, near Hoshiarpur. Since his early twenties, he and his wife have taught in government schools and managed his father’s farmland, all while caring for his siblings and their children in a big joint family.

He successfully educated and cared for his huge family and got everyone married into great homes.  His siblings, children, sibling’s children,  sibling’s grandchildren, his grandchildren and a great-grandson live all over the world now and are well established.

He leaves behind his grandchildren, Prabhdeep Singh and his wife Richa, Mandeep Singh and his wife Rupinder Kaur and their baby Daya Singh, Kanwardeep Singh, Tarndeep Singh, Ekam Saini, and Jaskiran Saini.

His dedication to Sikhi and Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji has allowed him to live a chardi kalla life. He also inspired his family members to follow the Guru’s path, some even becoming Amritdhari Sikhs.

Although the lack of his physical presence will be felt for years, his legacy of leadership, bagti and dedication to family and the Khalsa panth will continue for generations through his family.

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