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A LA DOUCE MÉMOIRE DE Dr. Ariyanayakipuram Ramasubban Krishnan

With profound sadness, we announce the passing of our beloved father, grandfather, and husband, Dr. Ariyanayakipuram Ramasubban Krishnan, who peacefully departed this world on May 13th, 2024, at the age of 88. Born on June 5th, 1935, in Ariyanayakipuram, Tamil Nadu, India, Dr. Krishnan was a distinguished scholar who earned his doctorate in reproductive biology from the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS, Delhi). He dedicated his career to the field of genetics and veterinary medicine, retiring as the Professor and Head of the Genetics Department at the Tamil Nadu Veterinary College in Chennai, India. He also mentored several students throughout their careers, who remember him with gratitude and love. Post retirement, he made his second home in Canada and made many lifelong friendships.

He was a man of exceptional character, possessing a kind, gentle, and generous heart. He had a remarkable ability to connect with people of all ages, leaving a lasting impact on everyone he met.

Those who knew him will forever cherish the stories of his warmth, unwavering passion for cricket, and love for animals. He was not only a mentor but also a philosopher, confidante, and friend to many. His gentle demeanour and beautiful smile will forever be etched in our hearts.

He is survived by his loving wife of 60 years, Kalyani Krishnan; daughter, Lakshmi Krishnan; son, Rajesh Krishnan; son-in-law, Subash Sadh; grandchildren, Sanathan Sadh, and Sanjana Sadh; four siblings; and several nephews & nieces.

Donations to the Canadian Cancer Society (https://cancer.ca/en) would be greatly appreciated in lieu of flowers.

Friends and family are invited to pay their respects at Heritage Funeral Complex,  1250 Trim Road Orleans, on Thursday, may 16th, 2024 as of 12 p.m. Hindu Rites to follow.

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Dear Chithi, Prabha, Rajesh and Subash….

Sad to lose my dear Chithappa. He got me interested in Cricket. I am glued to watching / following matches like him and that has probably saved me from other social media addictions.

He had genuine affection to every family youngster and preferred moving with younger gen. I have looked up at him as an inspiration in younger days and as a guide all through. Even without asking, he will be there to give his piece of good tip, when needed.

Everyday, one time or other, I remember him. Be it peeling off banana skins, cutting mangoes, putting off TV when my team plays bad, or when I move with youngsters more like him or when I watch more and more cricket.

His favourite knock was Vishy’s 97 not out in chepak against WI Andy Roberts in 1975. He used to say, that knock is special even tho he did not score a century. People remember that 97 more than a 100.

After a very good life innings, he took got out in his 90s. But will ever be remembered.

Ravi Sundar


My dear Kalyani Manni, Prabha, Subash, Rajesh,

Chinambi Mama holds a very special place in my heart. To me, he is always first and foremost my Mamaji, friend, philosopher, and guide with a wry sense of humor.

In my younger days, I used to treasure letters he wrote us as he has an expressive style and I learnt many things from his personality and style. Most of all, I recall my days in Saradambal street standing by the gate and chatting about all things sundry including cricket, politics, science.

Thank you Mama, for the happy memories and gentle interaction we had when our paths crossed. Ever so few they might have been as life permitted, they were indeed very deep, rich and fond memories I will always treasure.

Love and namaskarams, Latha

Appa, Amma also join me in sending this message of warmth and love.

Dr.A.R.Krishnan was a great teacher in Animal Genetics. It’s my previlage to study under him. Very sad to know about his demise. I pray to the almighty may his soul rest in peace.

Dear Athimber – Farewell. Recall with fondness attending (as a little boy) your wedding to my aunt in Tenkasi. My maternal grandparents brought me with them to the wedding. Then months later, you and Kannaka came to Bangalore from Hosur in a scooter and my grandmother (Kannaka’s athai) made Payasam for you on both and was so happy..

I so recall the many times we have met in Tenkasi, in Bangalore, in Madras. I loved how passionate you were about cricket, card games, and going to the water falls. We have had some arguments, but you were always so generous. It so happened that I married your sister’s daughter, Asha, who absolutely adores and loves you. Athimber, you played a good innings and have left us. The last time I saw you was at Delhi airport many years ago. You were tired but still so kind and caring.

We will miss you. My deep sympathies to Kannaka, who is going to feel the separation from you after 60 years, and to Prabha and Rajesh.

Life is a temporary phenomenon, and we all will leave this world one day. But how we spend our time on this earth is all that matters. You have done this remarkably and have inspired us. Bye, bye my “Kannaka Athimber”.

“Tis all a chequer-board of nights and days
Where Destiny with men for Pieces plays:
Hither and thither moves, and mates, and slays,
And one by one back in the closet lays”
(Omar Khayyam)

Dear Madam and family members It is sad that one of our mentors in our early career is no more. A bunch of us who later became Registrar, Deans and HoDs were working under him at Livestock Research Station, Kattupakkam in the 80’s and he used to be gentle and gave us a lot of freedom. The workers in the farm used to call him RO (Research Officer) reverently. I still remember the sight seeing trip in which he joined with his family.
He was one of the few very early doctorates in the Madras Veterinary College and guided many stalwarts. He was straight forward and commanded respect from all. We feel fortunate to have worked under such a wonderful and tall personality.
Our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family… Dr.C.Veerapandian, Chennai

My Godfather guide what not, all from my post-graduation onwards. for my family. He is always with us. we pray for his soul rest in peace.

Respected family members of Dr.A.R.Krishnan sir… He was my Professor and Head of Animal Genetics and Breeding, Madras Veterinary College, Chennai when I joined as MVSc student during 1990 till that time he treated me as a friend and learned lots of valuable skills and knowledge from him. Very soft spoken, thorough gentleman, treated all equally. It is a great loss for AGB. My heartfelt condolences to all the family members. Departed soul rest in peace. Dr.P.Kumarasamy, Retired Professor of Animal Genetics, TANUVAS

My respectful homage to my guru and beloved teacher. He is so loving, kind hearted and always with a smiling face. My condolences to the breaved family members. Om Shanthi, may his soul rest in peace.

My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family members 🙏
May his divine soul rest in peace 🙏

Dear Chithi, Prabha, Rajesh, Subash, Sanathan, and Sanjana,
Our heartfelt condolences to all of you. I never had the good fortune to spend time with Chittappa in person. I have only had few phone conversations with him. But I have heard a lot about him from Appa, Amma, Ramesh, and others. We in fact were planning to make a trip to Canada over this summer. It is never easy to recover from the loss of a loved one. Praying to God to give you all the strength to bear this great loss. Love from all of us.

Very deeply saddened to know the demise of ARK Sir. He was my guide for my Master’s in Animal Genetics and Breeding at Madras Veterinary College during 1980-1982. He was my mentor from 1980 to 1995 (till his retirement). He was a fatherly figure to me and I got his advice whenever I needed them. I recall with gratitude my association with him for about 15 years and it was always a learning process. He was a very gentle and lovable person. I met him a few times after his retirement along with my colleague Dr.Subramanian (Subbu). I invited him for a get-together in October 2017 on the occasion of my retirement but he could not attend the event as he was in Canada. I missed his blessings on that day. The last time I met him was in April 2020 when he was in Chennai. I lost a good mentor forever. I pray for his noble soul to rest in eternal peace. My deepest condolences to the bereaved family. Om Shanti.

63 Copy

Dear Mani, Prabha, Rajesh,Subash, Sanjana, Sanathan and all family members. We have very fond memories of Chinambi Mama who gave us abundant love and affection as we grew up. Like every one knows his interest spanned across a broad spectrum of topics including Cricket, Philosohy , politics etc. He was one who would engage all eges in meaningful conversations and providing his insights and guidance.. Many of the his next generations looked up to him and he was s great example of how to nourish and maintain family relationships. We will always cherish the memories. He was one of the guiding figure in the family we looked up to and a great role model. His smiling and kind demeanor will always remain in our hearts. May he rest in peace

Dearest Chinambi Mama I will remember your love for sports and sudoku. Any board game you would always be willing join us when. were kids
My mother and you shared a special bond. Amma would always tell the stories of how you and She went to the stores to buy things. All those memories will forever be etched. We pray to the almighty for you and strength to your family.. Rest in Peace Mama. We will miss you.

Dearest Mamaji,

I know you’ve now gone to a place, away from the pain you’ve gone thru all this while.

Your infectious smile with such warmth is what I visualize now and once again getting pampered by your dear Sisters there, who would be delighted to have you back.

You’ve no doubt left a vacuum for all of us in the family specially for me, a person and place that I used to dart to, whenever I wanted, get away doing what I wanted, as after all you considered me as your first child, in my growing up years.

Till we meet again Mama! You will always have a special place in my heart!

Lots of love!


My dear kids Sharu and Harsh are deeply pained on hearing the news of your passing away and what impact it had on me. Thilak joins all of us in conveying his heartfelt condolences…

Chinnambi chithappa passing away was total shocker to us. I was planning to visit him in Canada some time this year with family. He was inquiring always until very recently when we are going to visit him. All of a sudden he is gone, we couldn’t believe it. We will miss his laughter, gentle similes, cricket enthusiasm and lot more childhood sweet memories we had with him during holidays. It is huge loss for innuma family , We lost two lovely brothers in quick succession. Chithappa will stay in our hearts forever ! 🙏

Dear Chittappa,

It is difficult for me to come to terms with your departure. I carry a flood of your memories – the picnic at Qutab (when you suffered a disc prolapse), being my moral support during the entrance test at St. Xavier’s school, the card games during our summer vacations at Tenkasi and the lively discussions on cricket……the list is endless.

My most enduring memory of you (which I never shared) is you sending me a personal handwritten inland letter invitation for Prabha’s wedding. In a single gesture, you gave me the recognition of an adult – I was no longer the young boy who used to call you « khilli chittappa ».

Your hearing impairment probably made you more reclusive in your later years. I am glad we could spend time together when you undertook the trip to Mumbai last year. The short video that Prabha took of me with you will remain one of my treasured possessions.

Separation is always painful – but you have had a great innings and will be remembered fondly for a very long time by several people whose lives you touched.

We hope to live by your teachings and it is our responsibility to make you feel proud when you look at us from a better place.

My sincere condolences to Chitti, Prabha and Rajesh.

Dear Chithappa,

You were ever so wonderful with me and Ganesh during our trip of the temples in 2001. I have always felt like I always knew you from the time I have met you. Such fond memories. The most easy-going person to be with. Will miss you for sure. And yes, you are one my favourite Chithappa.

Love and hugs to dear Chithi, Prabha, Subhash Athimberji and Rajesh.

Even before I met Ravi, I met Kanna Chithi and Kunjamma. I strongly feel that their recommendation played an important role in our wedding.

Our engagement was organized by Chithi and Chithappa. That was the first time I met Chithappa. He made me feel totally at home. Ravi used to visit Chennai during weekends and we used to roam all over Chennai in Chithappa’s scooter, fondly named Kadhal Vaganam by us. It was pretty old and would not start (was it intentional ??) when it was time for Ravi to go home, giving Ravi another chance to come and meet me the next day.

A trip to Malony Road was a part of our weekends and the relatives present in the house at all times would really amaze me. I honestly looked upon Chithi and Chithappa as my role model and learnt how to take care of the elders from them. I also learnt how having people at home can make us happy

Both Chithi and Chithappa have been there for us physically whenever we had medical emergencies at home. Chithi used to take care of the kitchen while I was in the hospital and chithappa would give me the courage needed to face any situation. I used to consult with Chithappa regarding all the medical parameters including the diagnosis and prognosis. He would always boost the morale of all at home. Without their support, I wonder if I could have got the courage to face so many hospitalizations.

I learnt how to deal with pain from him. I have taken care of him when he had to undergo surgery for a fractured shoulder bone. He did not wince, frown or grimace even though he was in a lot of pain. Not only that, he had already undergone a long treatment process for rectal cancer. He also broke his wrist during Subhiksha’s wedding but still participated enthusiastically.

Every time I had to go on a trip leaving the elders at home, they always came to my rescue, giving me the freedom to be with Ravi or my children.

His presence at home was filled with fun and laughter. We would also have very interesting conversations about cricket and politics. You can’t make him watch a movie though!

His help in the kitchen is something that I can never forget. He was so good and artistic when it came to peeling and cutting fruits that it was a delight to eat them. He used to insist on kneading dough for chappathi. Once I forgot to mention the quantity and was busy doing something else but when I came back he had finished kneading 2 kgs of wheat flour in one go.

Mere words are not enough to describe the impact he had in all our lives. I am sure he will be always with us in our memories, guiding us and mentoring us as we get older.

Dear Manni, Prabha, Subhash, Rajesh, Sanathan and Sanjana,
Mama passing away is a sad loss for all of us in our family.. Barely a year and half since my father passed away, it is heartbreaking to loose another elder and a father figure so soon. Mixed emotions though that Mama is in. a better place and no
more pain and suffering. Hoping that he will meet my father soon . They will be catching up and blessing all of us from above..
Mama has been the pillar of strength for all his siblings and all the nieces and nephews both in good times and in tough times.
My mother was very fond of mama as they were age wise closer in their order of siblings. My mother has told us many stories of their growing up years. Even as a young boy mama was always interested in nature, birds, animals and insects.. My mother being his younger sibling was his partner in their adventures. Mama would get home birds, frogs insects and observe them. My mother and he would hide it from the eyes of the elders in the family. Mama was my mom’s guru in introducing her to play carrom board, chess and cards. It chokes me that it am unable to tell my mother that her fond brother is no more as she is ailing. and in no condition to be told.
Mama will always be missed but we will have plenty of fond memories to recall. Love you Mama ❤️🌹🙏🏽. Om Shanti. Rest in peace.

I knew him as a pleasant person full of fun and one who never got angry. Although 16 years older ,he was a source of inspiration to me. . In the early and mid 60″s we would often play cards together with him . He is one perso in over 10 years who I have never seen getting angry. How I wish I could have learnt this skill from him.

Dear Periappa,

Vividly recall the joyful days of my childhood, spent watching and learning sports like cricket and tennis from you during those unforgettable summer vacations. Your love for cricket was truly infectious. Back in those days when following all the matches wasn’t so easy, you would diligently tune into the commentary on a big FM radio, ensuring you kept up with every game happening in different continents – such was your passion for the sport!

During those childhood days, your storytelling at bedtime was a cherished ritual. We always looked forward to those evening walks, filled with your captivating tales and the wisdom you shared so generously. Your love for nature was evident in the way you delighted in calling out to the birds and feeding them everyday, even in your old age, a simple act that taught me the beauty of nurturing all living things.

Your loving memory will forever remain in my heart, as beacon of kindness and compassion, a guide and a stalwart… your legacy of strength, determination, and joy will continue to inspire us all.

With deepest love and respect,


Dear Mrs Krishnan:

With a profound sense of sorrow I received the loss of my dear Professor Dr Krishnan.

My name is Vijay Venkatraj and I am a professor in US.

He was a great mentor and a friend to me and several of his hundreds of students over time! I am grateful for his help over the years and for teaching me the basics of Genetics and more importantly how to be a good human being.

You should not be surprised to hear what a gentleman he always was to be only matched by his brilliance and humility.

We along his dear family and friends are going to miss him as we bid farewell to this great soul.

Dear Mrs Krishnan:

With a profound sense of sorrow I received the loss of my dear Professor Dr Krishnan.

My name is Vijay Venkatraj and I am a professor in US.

He was a great mentor and a friend to me and several of his hundreds of students over time! I am grateful for his help over the years and for teaching me the basics of Genetics and more importantly how to be a good human being.

You should not be surprised to hear what a gentleman he always was to be only matched by his brilliance and humility.

We along his dear family and friends are going to miss him as we bid farewell to this great soul.

My cell # is 1 979 575 7378. Please feel free to contact me. If there is any service or event to honor his memory and life please do let me know.

I am friend’s and class mate of Dr Sundar Raman ( Sundar) (Professor Krishnan’s graduate student) he can also contact me easily. God bless your beautiful family!

Deepest sympathy Rajesh. We’re very sorry to hear you lost your father; may he rest in peace.

You, your mother, sister and family are in our thoughts.

My heartfelt condolences to all of you,kalyani manni Praha rajesh subhash and children.we will always miss him..

Listening to my parents call him Krishnan Chitappa, the same stuck to me as well. There are so many fond memories that we share, especially those times when he used to stay at our house in Arekere, Bangalore. I remember him for his diligent routine, he would never miss walking at the neighborhood park. Being his second home in Bangalore, Arekere would definitely miss him. I remember his motivational presence before my exams in high school, giving me the required confidence to ace the exam.
I particularly recall seeing IPL with him, where he would analyze every aspect of the game. He used to support me in all the RCB and CSK fights that me and Rajesh used to have. His presence shall be missed. May his soul rest in peace.

we came to know of several wonderful details about mama. He will be greatly missed not only by the family members but by a large number of his friends as well. May his soul rest in peace.

on going through the homage to mama, we have come to know of several wonderful a d cherishable aspects of him. I am sure, he will be greatly missed by a large number of his friends and former students besides mami and other members of his dear family. We pray for his soul to rest in peace.

ARK – A Tribute

A- Arputhamana Manithar (Amazing Man)

R-Realistic in all walks of life

K- Kindness towards all animals and humans

ARK Chittappa – A Tribute

A beautiful son blessed by Amman Ariyanayake!
He has reached the pinnacle in veterinary research and stood as a ladder for many to reach the pinnacle!
Among the many professors who guide young people only in colleges, the professor who guided them in the family and even at home!
A mentor who has given good advice, encouraged and guided countless generations of young people!
Without a generation gap, with people of all ages, friendly, mixed and used, youth at all times!
A psychologist who lived and realized the lesson that ‘aging is inevitable, but feeling young is in our hands’!
He turned the days spent in Tenkasi, Chennai and Bangalore into good experiences!
Mecheri, who introduced us to the mouthless creatures in Ooty and gave us a treat!
He brought cricket and tennis games in front of our eyes in a video with his emotional and body language reviews and made us wonder!
He was blessed with a patient and determined wife in the background to travel on the path of success!
Although he is firm in his views, he respects his family’s views and freedom!
A positive thinker who only accepts what he gets and doesn’t mind what he doesn’t get!
In the end, he fought to face the physical pain with mental strength and surrendered to God as if this was enough!
Om Shanti!🙏🌹


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