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A LA DOUCE MÉMOIRE DE Alexander John Carter

Alexander John Carter, 91, of Ottawa, Ontario, passed away peacefully in hospital in January 29, 2024. He was born in Sydney, Australia.  He was predeceased by his parents Benjamin and Grace Carter brother Ted and Norma Dunn and sister Marjorie and Kelvin Jones. He is also predeceased by his grandson, Jonathon Carter, and niece Carol Dunn.

Alexander was married to Genevieve Carter in 1961. He is survived by his three daughters: Rachel Carter, Brenda Carter, and Michelle Dee and his grandchildren: Patricia, Trevor, and Colin Young and his great-grandchildren: Alexander Carter, Destiny Carter, Caeden St. Amour, Genevieve Savard, Kiera Trahan and Connor Trahan.

He is also survived by Shirley (nee) Dunn and Colin Dunn. As well as Donald Jones, Ray Jones, Stuart Jones, Elizabeth MacVean, and Gayle Jones.

He joined the British Military and then moved to Canada and served in the Royal Canadian Navy for 35 years. He was an engineer and achieved the rank of Lieutenant-Commander. (LCdr ). He continued to work for the Navy as a civilian until the age of 67 years.  He was very proud of his military accomplishments and received many awards and commendations.

In his spare time, he liked to garden and visit antique shops. He was probably one of the world’s greatest shoppers. He also loved to spend time with his family and was always willing to listen. He truly showed the type of person he was by example.

I would describe my father in these simple words

« My Father didn’t tell me how to live;

he lived,

and let me watch him do it. »

 written by Clarence Budington Kelland.


Graveside Service will be held on February 7, 2024, at 2:00 pm. at The National Military Cemetery at Beechwood, Ottawa, Ontario.

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My great grandpa was such a pure and sweet soul. Each time I seen him, he greeted me with his arms wide open! I loved his laugh and all the talks we had! He always listened intel we were done talking and I really appreciate that! He fought so many battles but yet he fought strong and never gave up. I’m happy I got to meet him, very happy he got to know me & more than thankful I got to know you! A real honour it was having you in my life grand dad, thank you for being you always, thank you for everything you did! You can now rest in peace, I love you angel ❤️

Today we all came together to lay you to rest. I thought It was a beautiful ceremony and I think you would have thought the same. I’ve been having a difficult time trying to put my thoughts into words.
Since I was a child I had been told what an amazing man you where and how you served in the Navy and how proud the family was of you. I remember when i was a child we would write letters back and forth, and we would mostly talk about the weather and how we where doing. I remember you used to send stamps with your letters and I had started a small stamp collection. I would always look faward to a new stamp.
As I became a teen we lost touch for a while, but when I met my husband and he joined the military I had always hoped that we might get a posting to BC so that I could meet you, but unfortunately that did not happen. when I finally got the chance to go to BC with mom I was so excited because I finally had that chance. I was also extremely nervous about what you might have thought of me. It did not take to long for me to see everything that was said about you was true and so much more. I leaned that you where a wise caring man. I enjoyed watching you talk about politics with mom and enjoying a drive with you through Victoria. I had so much fun cooking dinner for you. even though you thought my salmon was dry. 😄. I felt so bad when I went out into a rain storm a friend and I found out you kept looking out the door for me wondering when I would be back and I am sorry for making you worry.
The two weeks I got to spend getting to know you went by so fast and I was sad that I had to leave not knowing when I would be able to see you again. I grew to care about you and saw that we had started to bond with one another.
It was not too long after that visit that you moved to Ottawa. I was happy that I was going to be able to visit with you more often. I really enjoyed our visits and I loved taking you out to Montana’s so that you could get your burger fix. I also learned that you could be quite the jokester, and I learned that you where a man of few words, but you where always listening.
The more visits we had the more I grew to care about you. I feel that we ran out of time rather quickly and unfortunately I got sick and had to cancel our last visit and thinking about that makes me so sad. I never got to give you your Christmas gift, that it still wrapped up and waiting for you. I am still so very shocked just how fast our time ran out and I wish that I could have just had one more visit and had the chance to take you out for one more burger, and I miss you terribly.
I am however very thankful that your are no longer in any pain and I hope that your are able to enjoy all of your favorite foods wherever you are.
I am so thankful that while brief, I was able to have the chance to get to know the beautiful person you where.
Rest in peace Grandpa.

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