What to Expect when Arranging a Cremation in Ottawa

What to Expect when Arranging a Cremation in Ottawa

Planning services for the end-of-life can be overwhelming. If you are arranging a cremation service, you may not know what to expect when you talk to the funeral director at the funeral home. You’ll need to make many decisions about the cremation services in Ottawa. You may have a lot of questions. Although you may feel as if you’re under pressure to make the right decisions, it can help to understand that there are no right or wrong ways to plan an end-of-life remembrance. The important thing is to respect the deceased’s wishes, if you know them. If you don’t know what your loved one would have wanted, just do your best to honour their memory.

What Kind of Funeral Services Do You Want?

Choosing cremation doesn’t mean that you can’t have a funeral. You have many different options with a cremation in Ottawa. You may want to have a family viewing before the body is cremated. Friends and family members can gather at the funeral home or crematory to pay their last respects. You may also choose to have a funeral before the cremation. The deceased would be reposed in a casket during the funeral, with the cremation conducted after. Direct cremation is another choice. In this case, there wouldn’t be a viewing or services. The deceased is transported directly to the cremation site. The cremated remains are returned to the family, who can hold a memorial service of their choosing, with or without assistance from the funeral home.

Arranging Funeral Services Is Emotional

Grief is a powerful emotion. Don’t worry about feeling sad or even feeling nothing. Everyone goes through grief in their own way. Making arrangements at the end of someone’s life is a way to honour that person and to begin the grieving process. You will have a mix of emotions in the days to come but planning cremation services can bring up many powerful memories. Don’t be embarrassed if you cry, or don’t cry. Funeral directors with Heritage Funeral Complex can guide you through the process to answer your questions about cremation. Contact us for information about cremation services.

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