What is more environmentally friendly – burial or cremation?

What is more environmentally friendly - burial or cremation?

Both burial and cremation have a significant impact on the environment. The answer isn’t clear cut, if the environment is an important part of choosing which is the better option for you and your family, burial or cremation. Here are some things to think about.  

Environmental Concerns about Burial  

Although more funeral homes in Ottawa are offering greener burial options, there are still many environmental concerns around cemeteries and burial. Chemicals from embalming do leach into the soil. Funeral workers can be exposed to these hazards. Keeping the beautiful plots and gardens maintained takes a lot of natural resources. Ask about more eco-friendly options when you’re planning a funeral for a loved one.  

Concerns About Cremation  

Although some people believe cremation is better for the environment, it isn’t as eco-friendly as many people want. Cremation generates carbon dioxide and releases harmful gases into the air. It does use a lot of energy. Ask for cremation services in Orleans that are using technology to reduce the carbon emissions to be more sustainable.  

Ask About Eco-Friendly Funeral Services in Ottawa  

There are ways to be more eco-friendly when choosing cremation or burial services in Ottawa. You can select the best options when you work with the funeral director by discussing your priorities, your traditions, and your budget. We are here to help with cremations in Orleans and to find solutions for a more sustainable funeral.

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