How to Dress Your Deceased Loved One for a Cremation in Ottawa

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When a loved one dies, one of the final acts for the family is to choose the clothing that the deceased is buried in. In some cultures, ceremonial clothing is used. Other cultures simply bury their loved ones in a shroud. Cremation services are usually different than traditional burial services. The deceased may not have a viewing in a coffin before the cremation. What do you want your loved one to wear when cremated?

Appropriate Clothing for a Cremation

Cremation clothing differs from burial attire. Many items cannot be cremated because of safety concerns. Metal, glass, and plastic may not be allowed in the cremation chamber. Clothing made of synthetic materials are harmful to the environment when burned. The most appropriate clothing for a cremation is made from natural fibers, such as cotton or wool. You want to avoid zippers, buttons, or belts. Eyewear, hearing aids and other accessories cannot be cremated. The funeral home will set those things aside for the family or donate those items to charity.

Dressing for a Viewing

If you are hosting a viewing, you can ask the funeral home to dress your loved one in whatever you choose. It can be comforting to see your loved one in their favorite shirt, or all dressed up in their Sunday best. After the viewing, the funeral home can provide a burial gown made of a natural fiber and return the clothes to you if you choose.

Your Loved One Is Treated with Dignity

The professionals handling the deceased body will treat your loved one with dignity whether you choose a burial or a cremation in Ottawa. A funeral director can direct you through the process to let you know your options depending on how involved you want to be. Your funeral customs are an important part of the grieving process. Choosing cremation does not diminish your role in choosing appropriate dress for your loved one.

When in doubt, talk to the funeral director about the upcoming cremation service in Ottawa. We can confirm what clothing or outfit is appropriate to be cremated in. We want to make sure you have an understanding of all the decisions that need to be made.

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