How Are Cremation Services in Ottawa Organized

How Are Cremation Services in Ottawa Organized

No one likes to think about end-of-life planning. Facing your mortality is difficult. Unfortunately, leaving those decisions to your loved ones, creates a lot of undue stress and potential arguments between family members who think they know what you would want. If you are ready to make your end of life arrangements or need to plan services for a loved one, a funeral professional can help you plan cremation services in Ottawa.

Talk to Your Family About Cremation

One of the first things in planning a cremation in Ottawa is to talk to the family. Open a conversation with your loved ones about your wishes. If you’re planning cremation for a family member, you can ask for help to plan a meaningful memorial service. It can be difficult to open the dialogue, but when everyone works toward the same goal – honouring the life of the deceased – it can reduce the stress.

Talk to a Funeral Professional

Funeral professionals can help you deal with all the details of a cremation. There will be quite a few decisions that will need to be made, from the type of memorial to ordering flowers for the service. Our funeral directors can answer your questions about cremation, so you can grieve with peace of mind, knowing your loved one will be respected in death.

Decide What to Do with Cremated Remains

Many families choose to have the urn with the remains as a focal point during the celebration of life. You should discuss what happens after the service. You may decide to scatter the ashes. Some have the remains buried in a family cemetery plot. You can also look at some more modern options, such as having the ashes made into a piece of artwork or jewelry. Families do purchase keepsake jewelry pieces in which some of the ashes can be stored for each person. It’s okay if you need time to think about what you want to do, but you do want to know who is taking the urn and storing it until a decision is made.

The professionals with Heritage Funeral Complex have years of experience helping families make arrangements for cremation services. Contact our staff to schedule an appointment with a funeral director to talk about planning an Ottawa cremation.

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