Helping a Young Child Cope with Losing a Parent

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As parents, we want to shield our children from the pain of loss, but that is almost an impossible task. Instead, we need to teach our kids how to deal with their grief. Here are some ways to help children after the loss of a parent.

Provide Continuity 

Depending on the age of the child, they may not be able to comprehend the extent of their feelings. Maintaining their routine and normal activities can help a child have balance when their world has been upended. Routines give children security and consistency.

Connect with the Child

When a child loses a parent, it’s natural for the remaining parent to be grieving the loss of their spouse. Adults often withdraw during the grieving process. In the early days after the loss, there are many physical details and logistical as well as financial matters to take care of, leaving the child alone. It’s important to provide information to the child to help them understand death and how cremation services in Ottawa work.

Children Need Care

Grief is a lonely process for many adults. For a child who loses a parent, it can be even more devastating.Children often blame themselves because they don’t have enough experience to understand that bad things happen, and it may not be anyone’s fault. Your child will need a lot of hugs and care following the loss. A child may worry about who will take care of them after the loss of a parent. They may worry whether they will get sick and die, too. Be available to help a child process the emotions of grief.

Let Your Child Tell Stories

Young children play and tell stories as a way of processing their feelings. You may need to get down on their level and talk about the person who died and how the child feels. Make a photo album or memory box to give the child a way to remember. Let the child know that no emotions are right or wrong. Watch for signs that grief has overwhelmed the child, such as unexplained physical symptoms, aggression or difficulty sleeping. Get professional help if you suspect they need additional coping skills. Funeral homes in Ottawa can provide local resources for grief management.

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