Choosing a Cremation in Ottawa is an Eco-Friendly Choice

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Every industry is having to face the environmental impact of their services and products. Funeral homes are no exception. Even in death, there is an environmental toll, whether you choose burial or cremation. Many people choose cremation in Ottawa because it appears to be more cost-effective. What you may not know is that cremation is also an eco-friendly choice.

How Is Cremation ‘Green’?

Choosing cremation is considered greener than burial because you are using less land for final disposition. In cremation, you have to choose a cremation container that can be made of simple materials like wicker, pine wood or recycled cardboard, which are renewable. The body can be ensconced in a shroud made of cotton or silk, natural materials that are renewable.

What Is the Environmental Impact of Cremation?

Crematories use natural gas as part of the process. According to the Cremation Association of North America (CANA), one cremation uses the same amount of natural gas that would power a 2,000 square foot home for 7 days or the equivalent of 20 gallons of gas. CANA goes on to say, “crematories continue to be a small source of emissions”, especially when compared to other industries. New cremation equipment is meeting regulations to minimize emissions.

What Can You Do to Prepare?

Consider your options and do your research to choose how you want to deal with your carbon footprint in death. Pre-plan your services so your family has the required information to carry out your wishes. You should think about your medical procedures, such as mercury fillings or medical parts. Have your dentist replace any mercury fillings with new materials. Make sure the funeral home removes any implants or medical parts before the cremation. You must weigh the different options to determine which one fits your environmental concerns the best.

Ask Questions About Cremation

Your funeral director can help you find eco-friendly options for you or a loved one’s final disposition. To offset the minimal amount of emissions created by cremation, make a donation to a carbon fund or other environmental organization. Plant trees in memory of your loved one to make a difference to the environment. Cremation is not a new tradition, but it is coming back into demand as a popular option. If you’re trying to do your part for the earth, cremation can be part of your efforts. Talk to a funeral director with Heritage Funeral Complex in Ottawa to get answers to your questions.

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