Can I still visit my loved one with both burial or cremation in Ottawa?

Can I still visit a loved one with both burial or cremation?

A funeral isn’t the end of your relationship with a loved one who passes away. It simply starts the process of grief. Whether you choose burial or cremation in Ottawa, you can still visit your loved one after the funeral. Consider your traditions and culture when you’re deciding which type of services you want.  

The Visitation or Viewing Before the Funeral Services  

Traditionally, the evening before the funeral, the family would gather around the casket of the deceased. Friends might visit to offer comfort to the survivors. This custom can be practiced with either cremation or burial services in Ottawa, but you will need to let the funeral home know you want to have a visitation with cremation services.  

Visiting a Loved One in a Cemetery 

For generations, people have gone to cemeteries to pay respects to their loved ones who have passed away. Praying at the grave and bringing flowers as a tribute is a way to honor your loved one. After the funeral, you may want to have a headstone made as a monument to mark your loved one’s life. Some people visit the grave regularly, as a way of keeping that connection with the deceased.  

Visiting Your Loved One Following Cremation  

After the cremation, your loved one’s cremains are placed in an urn. Although scattering ashes is a common way of honoring the dead, many families choose to keep the urn on their mantel as a way to remember and communicate with the deceased. You may decide to scatter the ashes in the future, on a special anniversary of the deceased loved one. 

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