Arranging Cremation Services for a Deceased Colleague

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Planning a memorial service for anyone is never easy. If you’re holding a service for a deceased colleague, you may feel unsure of where to start. Cremation services in Ottawa have a lot of flexibility. You can choose how to remember your colleague in a way that fits their personality.

What Are the Elements of Your Cremation Service?

Most remembrance services require arranging for speakers, music and a video or slideshow. Here are some things to consider:

Who will officiate the service, a religious leader, or an organizational leader?
Where are you holding the service?
Who will give a eulogy at the service?
How will you provide music at the service? Will you have a playlist or a live performer?
Do you have enough photographs to create a video or slideshow?
Do you want flowers or plants to take centre stage? You may not have a casket, but you could include a nice photo at the front with the lectern.

Plan the Itinerary for Your Colleague’s Cremation Service

The service will run more smoothly if you have a plan for how it will take place. Outline who speaks in what order, and for how long. You can use music to fill in the times for silence, just choose an appropriate song that comforts mourners. Ask someone to help your speakers stay within time limits to keep the service from going too long. Suggest that your speakers practise what they are going to say and have it written down on a small note card to make sure they don’t forget.

Decide whether you’ll be hosting a small luncheon or refreshments following the service. A meal is a nice way for people to share memories and process the service before returning to their normal day.

Don’t feel overwhelmed while you’re planning the service. If you need help, professional staff with funeral homes in Ottawa can help you honor the deceased. Contact Heritage Funeral Home for more information on our cremation services.

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