After Cremation Services, Where to Place the Urn

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Cremation is becoming a common option for many people as their final wishes in death. Families are choosing to keep the ashes in their homes as a lasting memorial to the loved one. If you’re planning on making an urn with cremains part of your home décor, here are some things to consider.

Choose an Urn That Blends into Your Décor

Memorial urns come in many materials and styles. You might want to look around for a special urn to match your loved one’s personality or lifestyle. Alternatively, you can choose an urn that matches the room where you want to place it.  When choosing a room to keep the urn, think about whether you want to place it in a private location or a room that gets many visitors. Some people even display their urns in a car.

Place the Urn in a Safe Location

Urns can be made out of breakable materials. Urns can get knocked over. The last thing you want to do is clean up the ashes if one is spilled. Make sure you have a stable location with good support to avoid mishaps. If you keep the urn in the living room, a bookshelf or wall mounted shelf is a good place for the urn and any other mementoes. Your bedroom dresser or nightstand might also be a choice spot.

Create a Memorial Space

Some people let the urn stand alone, while others make a memorial place with photos, candles, or other keepsakes. You can add a basket for others to leave letters or tokens. There’s no right or wrong with your space. Create the ambience you want to remember your loved one. An urn that fits your space can be comforting while you process your grief.

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